3 Common Nutritional Deficiencies and How They Can Destroy Your Health

Dr. Michael Rothman, M.D. Presented this presentation. Edison Public Library on Tuesday, October 4, 2011. Visit us Online for exclusive blog articles, wellness information & more videos. http://www…

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9 Responses to 3 Common Nutritional Deficiencies and How They Can Destroy Your Health

  1. sceet1111 says:

    This guy is full of shit

  2. stefanos davola says:

    Very good Info.

  3. Marshall Tansil says:


  4. screw .Google says:

    Why did the video cut off after the 2nd deficiency?

  5. Fazia A says:

    Victim of TREATMENT of breast cancer. Multisystem health deterioration now.
    Recently admonished by endocrinologist: stay away from iodine! Physical
    exam limited to wt taken by assistant, poor technique BP, inspection of
    fingers of one hand. Oblivious to inflamed/?infected lesion on other hand
    % True allergy/sensitivity to iodine supplementation? Eczematous body rash
    coincided with Prothera Iodine Complex 6.25mg. Taking spirulina.

  6. ion iatco says:

    Great video!

  7. Kazuyasan9999 says:

    lmao fun-jai

  8. crusad3rp says:

    Michael, you are the Jordan Maxwell of health. I admire your willingness to
    present the truth.

  9. CHS Houston says:

    We visit local health fairs all around to help teach the communities about
    our organization for deaf children—love your health fair!

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