Holistic Care For Your Dogs

Holistic Care For Your Dogs

The principals behind holistic dog care treat the dog rather than treating the dog’s symptoms. This type of care focuses on using natural supplements and herbal treatments that are designed to promote good health without potentially harming the dog. What is holistic dog care?

Holistic medicine follows healing practices based upon the premise that the whole body must be treated in order to bring about relief or healing. It is also designed to help prevent illness from occurring. The body, animal or human, is viewed as a single entity with many parts that are interdependent upon each other. Each of the parts must work in alignment with the other parts in order to lead to a healthy, living being.

Holistic dog care follows the same belief that the animal’s entire bodily system works together as one entity, each organ or bodily system drawing from the others for strength and proper functioning. If one part is not working properly, it is believed that the entire body suffers and loses optimal functioning. It is easy to see where this belief stems from since any illness typically impacts on the entire being.

Therefore, holistic dog care works from the belief that a dog’s body functions as a whole with each of its parts working toward the good health of the dog. A balance is maintained throughout the body leading to a healthy dog. When one of the dog’s bodily systems or organs fails to work properly, the whole body is affected and fails to perform bodily functions at optimal levels. The inner balance of the dog’s bodily systems becomes faulty and must be restored to bring about proper healing.

How Does Holistic Dog Care Work?

The principals of holistic dog care are based on the belief that the symptoms shown by the dog are simply the body’s way of responding to and fighting off the illness. Symptoms are seen as natural reactions that should be permitted to progress in an effort to restore the natural balance of the dog’s body.

Following this line of thought, using natural supplements and herbal products to treat a dog’s ailments makes good sense. Natural supplements and treatments provide a natural defense against common ailments, some of which may be caused by environmental toxins. Rather than treating the symptoms and trying to make them going away, an attempt is made to treat the source of the problem by bringing the dog’s bodily systems back to proper performance.

The Benefits of Holistic Care for Dogs:

Holistic treatments are designed to provide each of the following benefits for dogs:
– Faster healing by treating the source of the ailment rather than the symptoms only.
– Healthier living for the dog.
– Protection against illness.

The Benefits of Holistic Dog Care for the Family:

– Healthier living for family members due to the existence of a healthier pet.
– More affordable health care and treatments for the family dog so lower expense.

Using herbal treatments and natural supplements to promote good health without the risk of potentially harming the dog is the foundation for holistic dog care. Many natural remedies can be used to treat common dog ailments without exposing your pet to environmental toxins, additives, or unnatural products.

Bruno is a Norwegian dog expert. He has been blogging about Hunderaser and Hundeutstyr for more than five years.

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