Holistic Health Coach Training – SHAN LARTER CONFESSES challenges to becoming Holistic Health Coach

http://www.HolisticHealthCoachTraining.com/shanlarter/about-shan-larter Shan Larter offers Holistic Health Training that empowers passionate, BIG hearted, holistic health and wellness coaches…
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16 Responses to Holistic Health Coach Training – SHAN LARTER CONFESSES challenges to becoming Holistic Health Coach

  1. Joanna Cee says:

    Hi there, I just ike to say, that your voice is so powerful & motivating:O
    Inspiring story.I am indecisive in what id like to pursue for a career.I
    have alot of personal experience, with weight loss, anxiety & depression.I
    know that I want to help ppl.I’m not sure if I should go after being a
    Holistic Nutritionist or weightloss Coach or maybe I should do
    both.Thankyou, for making a difference in another soul’s life.

  2. Ben Mueller says:

    Thank you for your literal service of educating the public!

  3. Aly Casilla says:

    What an awesome video!!!

  4. Colorstripes says:

    Thats a great invitation!!! Since last year ive been in a mission to find
    myself and i love how you find yourself, your mission and health mission.
    You are truly inspiring and i hope i find myself soon. 

  5. Todd Beck says:

    Shan, I appreciate this greatly. I am a sole survivor of a congenital heart
    disease in my family. I have reversed that disease which is “irreversible”,
    all naturally. IN the last 10 years, I have given all my knowledge as a
    Holistic Health Practitioner away free of charge to thousands. Though, I
    still battle the disease, I was recently taken off disability because I
    will not medicate nor have my defib replaced. Long story short, I now have
    to charge for services and I am very nervous. I have given everything away
    for so long, its actually devalued who I feel I am. I am encouraged. Thank
    You and I look forward to more info and expertise from you. Blessings, Todd

  6. kimberly cook says:
  7. kimberly cook says:
  8. Daniel Anderson says:

    Good Day!!Thanks for sharing..

  9. Ashley Richardson says:


  10. Marshall Tansil says:

    Let’s watch this and see what’s it about..

  11. RevivetheBody.com says:

    What a beautiful story, Shan. Thank you for sharing your heart. I share in
    your passion to see others made free, even in the most unfavorable of

  12. Jessica Sobel says:

    I use to be anorexic and am thinking about going to IIN to pretty much do
    exactly what you do. You are awesome and such an inspiration! Keep up the
    good work!!

  13. Jbuchek17 says:

    how do i find my mission… ?

  14. PropelYourMission says:

    Umm WOW! Thank you for such glowing encouragement for MY Mission! Love your
    dedication to FREEDOM from your ed. You’re an encouraging spirit and a
    go-giver who wants to help others and who took the time to comment here…
    & I am SO HAPPY that you were the FIRST person to leave a comment at my
    BRAND NEW CHANNEL! Thanks MissGaga… I appreciate you helping to PROPEL my
    mission by sharing my message with others, and BTW I am releasing new 1:1
    FREEDOM program coaching spots in 6 weeks if u need!

  15. MissGaga WasBornThisWay says:

    YOU ARE FAB!!! I just want you to know you inspire me every SINGLE DAY. I
    watch your videos all the time (while I’m eating typically lol) and
    implement the ideas you teach in my own life in order to stay on the right
    track with my ED. I want to teach others about holistic health too! I have
    been telling my friends, my family and even posting on ED websites about
    how much of an inspiration you are because I think the world deserves to
    hear what you have to say! Go you!!

  16. mikeaa000 says:

    Wpw you are so fucking fine sweet heart GOD.

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