Holistic Health Counts Episode 1

“Choose Health Over Disease” Learn about 5 tips that you can put to great use in your lifestyle to help prevent illness and increase overall wellness!
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4 Responses to Holistic Health Counts Episode 1

  1. Elaine Reid says:

    I’ve been following you for years, Sherry. Glad to see you here on Youtube.

  2. Holistic Blends says:
  3. Jen Lee says:

    I find your recipes,,,, have too many ingredients.. Why don’t you just put
    plain food in their

  4. 1948Dianne says:

    Your book literally saved my life back in 2008 when all the so called
    specialists wanted to do was send me home with an acid reducer and scope my
    throat when I had no insurance to spend on this. Your $30 book was the
    best “trip to a specialist” that I found. I’ve used it over and over
    through the years and completely cured my acid reflux. Thanks for
    publishing your wonderful book.

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